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Because You like our designs! And because we are experts in granny flat design and the new ADU law.

Designing an ADU means that you need to 1) maximize every square foot 2) manage an affordable budget and 3) pay attention to the continuous changes of regulation and taxes. We have years of experience doing this in San Diego County.

A great example of maximizing space is the Chula Vista Garage Remodel. It is a space where every piece of furniture is movable in order to change the space depending on the needs of the couple who is living there. In the Encinitas ADU the client had a small budget so we designed an orthogonal geometry with low-cost materials. With the La Mesa Granny Flat we intentionally submitted the project the day after Traffic Fee taxes were reduced 50% and the client saved a lot of money.

ADU architects San Diego.jpg

If you are going to build a Granny Flat / ADU, it’s better to build it with a personal and modern touch that’s also affordable and eco. ModernGrannyFlat will give you a fresh, flexible and economical space to rent, enjoy or host your friends and family.

ModernGrannyFlat can also help you explore the options for your plot, pass the permitting process, recommend you contractors and keep your project on budget.

See our Granny Flat / ADUs already built in San Diego to see what we can do for you.

Contact us with the address where you want to build your Granny Flat and ADU in San Diego and we will answer you back with the info of your land: sandiego@moderngrannyflat.com. See here examples of our ADU designs in San Diego: